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A hybrid on-prem and cloud solution

Tignis PAICe Maker uses a hub and spoke architecture to optimize process control, making AI process control both attainable and cost-effective for many manufacturers. Lightweight control algorithms are deployed on the edge to control process parameters in real time resulting in low latency feedback to your manufacturing process. Subsequently, process data is fed into Tignis’ centralized learning and retraining platform, allowing for the continuous improvement of your control algorithm.


Drastically increase the speed of your manufacturing process simulations

Tignis’ PAICe Maker product replaces legacy simulations (i.e., FEA or FEM) in your manufacturing process, drastically reducing the time and compute needed to calculate multidimensional critical inputs to your manufacturing equipment. When compared to legacy simulations, Tignis' simulations run millions of times faster on the same hardware, allowing process engineers to explore tens of thousands of manufacturing scenarios in less than a second. Ultimately, Tignis allows for the selection of the best control parameters for each manufacturing run or batch.

Increase yield, quality, and throughput with each manufacturing run using real data

Tignis utilizes real-time sensor and quality control data from your manufacturing process to reinforce our AI processes control solution. Over time, Tignis' solution learns the nuances of your equipment, configuration, and processes in order to develop the best control algorithm for your manufacturing line. In addition, Tignis PAICe Maker will adapt to process changes over the life of the facility. As equipment wears over its life, suppliers change, or processes are updated, Tignis PAICe Maker learns and updates process configurations in order to maintain the highest possible yield, quality and throughput.

Enable real time adaptive control for your manufacturing process equipment

The unprecedented operational speed of Tignis PAICe Maker process control algorithms unlocks the ability to control process parameters in real time. Gone are the days of setting your process parameters and waiting for end of line quality checks to make adjustments. Tignis PAICe Maker runs tens of thousands of simulations a second and uses real-time feedback from manufacturing equipment to adjust control on the fly. The real-time control of manufacturing allows for measurable increases in yield, quality, and throughput.