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Tignis PAICe Maker Process Control Makes The Previously Impossible Possible

Tignis’ Artificial Intelligence Process Control Is Fundamental To Your Success

Tignis’ PAICe Maker enables semiconductor equipment makers, components manufacturers and materials suppliers to accelerate time to market and solve previously unsolvable problems. PAICe Maker also empowers your current and next-generation tools to automatically make sophisticated optimization adjustments on a per-wafer or even continuous basis, significantly reducing process variance. Dramatically advance your R&D efforts to stay ahead of future process complexities, as well as seamlessly deliver upgraded capability to your existing fab customers.

PAICe Maker Is Massively Multivariate

PAICe Maker can control systems in response to millions of complex measured properties while accounting for non-linear interactions.

PAICe Maker Is Adaptive And Immediate

Machine learning continuously improves as data is collected, helping the process controller self-tune to compensate for simulation model error, environmental changes, product changes, or equipment drift. Physics-driven AI runs millions of times faster than legacy simulations, enabling real-time wafer-to-wafer recipe recommendations.

PAICe Maker Is Predictive

Virtual metrology is built into the controller, enabling inline and downstream process modification for better yield. For each control iteration, you can select optimal control values as well accurately predict the outcome.

PAICe Maker Is Versatile

PAICe Maker enables a full range of capability enhancements, including deposition optimization, etching optimization, bow and warp reduction, computational metrology, process drift/recipe tuning, and more. PAICe Maker can be integrated into your new products, or as an aftermarket control for your equipment currently installed at fabs.