Deliver Next-Generation Semiconductor Equipment Process Control Technology

Stay At The Forefront Of Innovation

As semiconductor devices shrink and gain complexity, sources of process variance are becoming increasingly harder to control. For semiconductor equipment makers, Tignis’ AI process control is a critical technology that allows you to implement processes that were previously too complex to deliver at high volume. Tignis enables next-generation tools that can make sophisticated optimization adjustments on a per-wafer or even continuous basis, significantly reducing process variance.

Embed The Power Of Ai And Ml Within Your Equipment—From R&D To In-Fab Upgrades

Tignis’ PAICe Maker physics-driven AI computational modeling platform accelerates leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing equipment—from R&D to high-yield chip fabrication capability. It also allows you to deliver powerful in-fab upgrades, so your fabrication customers gain the best control parameters to optimize each manufacturing run or batch.

Explore The Future With Physics

Simply put, understanding the physics of your equipment lets you know how it should perform and how it will perform. While AI and ML can do similar things, they can only learn from data and recreate what has been previously observed. Applying physics enables you to achieve the same goals with significantly less data. Physics allows you to simulate modes that haven’t been observed before, select the best states of operation, and continually optimize processes.

Bring Continuous Real-Time Improvement In Process Control

PAICe Maker is an embedded AI controller that learns the nuances of your equipment, configurations, and processes in order to develop the best control algorithm for the manufacturing line. Tignis’ PAICe Maker constantly ingests vital process data and metrology, enabling it to continuously retrain and correct for process drift or any other process disturbances.

Accelerate The Work Of Your Data Science Team

Many proactive semiconductor equipment manufacturers already have in-house teams of data scientists developing embedded software solutions to achieve the benefits of AI. However, custom AI, ML and physics models are notoriously difficult to develop.We can help your data science team achieve their goals faster. Tignis can fully build AI-PC models for your equipment or can take your current AI models and integrate them for deployment on PAICe Maker.