Tignis Semiconductor Process Control Unites Physics And Data Science

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A New Approach To Process Control
And Automation

Tignis combines the precise insights of physics with the most advanced AI and ML data science to give semiconductor equipment manufacturers, wafer fabs, and components and materials suppliers unprecedented automation and process control. Our unique physics-driven AI models allow you to explore the future—understanding how your equipment will operate in modes never previously observed. Tignis gives you the ability to know what your equipment will do, select the best states of operation, and continually optimize your processes.

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Tignis Ai Process Control
Is Fundamental To Your Success

Physics analysis provides a
theoretic baseline for
system operations

Connected systems provide
real world insight into
system operations

Machine Learning combines
physics and real data to provide
actionable recommendations

Tignis Unites The Most Advanced Ai And Ml Data Science With The Precise Insights Of Physics

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Tignis can quickly help you improve reliability and efficiency. Getting up and running with Tignis requires very limited effort on your part and maximizes the assets you already have.​​

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