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Physics-Driven Analytics for
Connected Mechanical Systems

Tignis provides physics-driven analytics for connected mechanical systems, utilizing digital twin and machine learning technologies. Tignis increases the reliability of connected systems by eliminating obstacles impeding results.

Our solution automatically monitors and learns mechanical systems, continuously detects threats to reliability, and precisely identifies and predicts operational impacts.

Automated condition monitoring

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Unique physics-driven analytics approach

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Focus on the outcomes

Mechanical systems complexity is exceeding what manual interventions can address due to sensor data proliferation, system configuration intricacies, and swift resolution demands. The resulting data issues, equipment downtime, and false alerts are counterproductive.

Tignis understands it’s your time, performance and reputation that are on the line.

At Tignis, we use the principles of physics to drive our analysis to deliver better outcomes, while enabling our customers to leapfrog many of the obstacles limiting results today.

Tignis is not a “black box” solution. With Tignis, the laws of physics drive the equations, with advanced technology built-in. Our algorithms and analytics are capable of delivering rapid results and ongoing advantages.

Industries served

How it works

  1. Collect - We start with two items you likely already have: piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) and historical sensor data.
  2. Digital Twin - We create a digital replica of the piping and instrumentation systems in just hours with our proprietary adaptive modeling capabilities, and then handle ongoing changes with ease.
  3. Physics-Driven Analytics - Tignis analyzes physical properties, such as changes in temperature or water volumes, to deliver immediate and highly accurate results.
  4. Continuous Advancement - We build in advanced technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our algorithms and analytics deliver rapid initial results and ongoing advantages.