AI-Powered Process Control with a
Physics and Engineering Foundation

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A New Approach to Process

At Tignis, we build innovative software solutions that utilize AI, and specifically Machine Learning, to improve process reliability and control. We recognize the massive potential for AI to disrupt manufacturing by creating measurable improvements in yield, quality, and throughput. Our products equip process and operations engineers with tools necessary to design, test, and implement AI projects. We enable the successful implementation of predictive maintenance to AI process control. Reach out today to learn more.

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Physics-Driven Machine Learning
Enables Industrial Results

Physics analysis provides a
theoretic baseline for
system operations

Connected systems provide
real world insight into
system operations

Machine Learning combines
physics and real data to provide
actionable recommendations

AI-powered process control
with a physics and
engineering foundation

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Tignis can quickly help you improve reliability and efficiency. Getting up and running with Tignis requires very limited effort on your part and maximizes the assets you already have.​​

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