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A cloud-based continuous monitoring

Continuous Monitoring with Your Analytics

With PAICe Monitor, Tignis customers choose which analytics to run continuously in the cloud and which to run locally. When analytics are pushed to PAICe Monitor, they run automatically when new data is received. The results of the analytics, whether derived signals or alerts, can then be pushed back into the data historian or BI application of your choice.

simple connectivity architecture

Connecting data sources to PAICe Monitor is easy. PAICe Monitor has out-of-the-box connectors for common data historians such as OSI PI. Connecting just requires your historian server credentials and an available endpoint. For custom or proprietary data historians, Tignis offers an API for sending and receiving data. Custom connectors can be built yourself or the Tignis professional services team can build them for you.

Pay for the Compute You Use

PAICe Monitor cloud computing resources scale with your analytics needs. Cloud compute resources are sold in packages that are monitored by Tignis. If more analytics are created and more resources are needed, those resources are automatically added for you. If fewer resources are needed, they are scaled down. This way Tignis customers pay for exactly what they need and nothing more.