Expanded Coverage

Tignis makes monitoring and managing entire mechanical systems economically feasible by providing unprecedented visibility into what is happening and where it is occurring.

Tignis’ physics-driven software solution enables fast access to cross-plant instrumentation and status. Manufacturers can easily leapfrog many of the obstacles limiting results today.

  • Include most plant equipment, from the onset
  • Identify issues accurately, even with minimal historic sensor data
  • Differentiate sensor faults from system issues, clearly
  • Isolate potential root causes better, improving mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Reduce stress on your operations and reliability teams, as they shift from reactive to proactive efforts


Expanded Coverage: Digital Twin View
Expanded Coverage: Digital Twin View

Supported equipment includes any connected electro-mechanical system with a schematic, such as the following.

  • Systems: HVAC, pumps/piping/valves, compressors, and electrical motors
  • Sensors: Fluid, electrical, mechanical energy, and discrete element flow
  • Schematics: Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), even hand-drawn versions

Subscribing to Tignis enables manufacturers to go beyond monitoring just a few critical assets to monitoring entire mechanical systems.

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