Early Warning

In process industries, unplanned downtime means lost production and runaway costs. Reducing diagnostic time and increasing intervention speed is the goal, with early fault detection and warning being crucial.

Download our latest white paper, Risks and Faults We Can Detect Using Machine Learning and Physics. You’ll learn how the unique combination of advanced technologies utilized by Tignis’ physics-driven software solution, along with the continual monitoring and analysis of performance variables including flow/load/force/pressure/temperature/vibration, enables the following benefits.

  • Automatic machine learning of unique plant characteristics as it is installed and operated
  • Continuous detection based on recognizing even the subtlest of relevant changes
  • Warning alerts including physics-driven evidence in root-cause detection and explanations
  • Precision prediction of operational impacts, both immediate and with trends impacting KPI’s
  • Ongoing assessments to improve the breadth and depth of the performance analytics


Early Warning: Detected Issue
Early Warning: Detected Issue

Tignis delivers immediate and highly accurate results. Using Tignis enables you to avoid unplanned downtime, and improve the reliability of your mechanical assets and overall plant performance through early fault detection and accurate diagnosis of issues.

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