Continual Optimization

Equipment and process-intensive industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, and semiconductors have the goal of reliably producing quality products in the most cost-effective manner. Continual optimization is a means to this end with increasing throughputs a sought-after outcome in operations performance management.

Download our latest white paper, Risks and Faults We Can Detect Using Machine Learning and Physics. You’ll learn how Tignis helps prevent process interruptions and inefficiencies through detection, diagnosis and early warning. Tignis’ physics-driven software solution enables industries to achieve continual optimization, driving a variety of positive outcomes.

  • Increased throughput by identifying where yield can be increased safely
  • Improved quality by keeping output parameters within specification ranges
  • Resolved bottlenecks through swift and accurate diagnosis and prediction analysis and alerting
  • Reduced unplanned downtime by detecting “hidden failures” that can cascade into larger problems
  • Decreased maintenance costs by making smaller repairs in controlled circumstances
  • Extended equipment lifespan through well-timed maintenance


Continual Optimization
Continual Optimization

Using Tignis, you can keep your product and processing flowing, plan more effectively based on enhanced visibility, and perform on the key metrics you are relied upon to deliver.

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