Tignis delivers a ready-to-use machine learning service to help you build your business

Our machine learning service provides application-level functionality and business controls to quickly deliver significant value. It can be easily integrated into other services and applications and provides the billing, data controls and interfaces needed to be a true “machine-learning-in-a-box” business solution.

Highly scalable for major corporations, the Tignis service is also accessible to small- and mid-sized OEMs and service providers that want to leverage machine learning for new revenue opportunities or don’t have fully staffed machine learning software teams in-house.

Augmented Intelligence for connected operations

We strongly believe in amplifying human expertise, not replacing it

Engineers, operators and technicians in factories, buildings, power plants and connected operations of all kinds know their applications better than anyone. These in-house subject matter experts have tremendous value and Tignis amplifies their skills, it does not replace them.

Their expertise can be optimized by having them focus on product and process improvement using the actionable insights from the machine learning provided by Tignis.

Machine learning systems that classify or recognize patterns are powerful and one that is guided by human expertise on an ongoing basis and gets smarter over time is truly intelligent. Today’s connected operations are continually changing and a cycle of improvement using the combination of human expertise and machine learning is needed.

The Tignis machine learning service features an intuitive communications interface so subject matter experts, operators and OEMs can collaborate in a continual improvement loop. OEMs and service providers can use messaging collaboration, real-time incidence labeling, notifications and issue remediation recommendations using the guidance of operators and subject matter experts. The result is continual improvement in products, processes and maintenance.

Business solutions leveraging machine learning

Persistent operational insight and real-time analytics transform service and reduce costs

Today’s executives are evaluated on customer satisfaction, loyalty, revenue generation and cost-savings. Building and scaling end-to-end processes requires unprecedented levels of operational intelligence – the ability to look closely at real-time data and gain insights. The insights Tignis enables are helping our clients be more productive, profitable and competitive.

Our service can be deployed and used within your own operations and/or incorporated by you into your connected services for your customers. The business models for service, maintenance and connected products are transformed by Tignis machine learning services when applied to process optimization, anomaly detection, and prioritized problem prediction. Real-time insights provided by Tignis make maintenance more targeted and proactive, building systems more efficient and comfortable and manufacturing processes more cost-effective and safer.

But the value of Tignis goes much deeper than cost savings. It’s about improving customer engagement and garnering insights that expand your product and service offerings.