Getting started with Tignis

Ready to have the Tignis machine learning service transform your business?  Please start by filling out our Contact form and we’ll be happy to tell you how it all works.  In the meantime, you may want to look at the list below.

1.  Preparation

  • Identify assets or processes to monitor at your customer sites or in your own facilities.
  • Ensure there is infrastructure to collect telemetry from the assets and send that data to a central location onsite or to the cloud.
  • Identify the subject matter experts (SMEs) and operators for the assets and the relevant processes within which those assets operate.

3.  Proof of Value

  • The Tignis service is flexible and can deployed to one of your internal facilities or incorporated by you into your connected services and consequently deployed by you within your customers’ operations.
  • The Tignis service reports incidents, remediations and user actions to prove value and assists you with return-on-investment (ROI) calculation on an ongoing basis.

2.  Integration and Modeling

  • Work with Tignis to connect your or your customers’ telemetry to the Tignis service.
  • Tignis then helps you create initial asset and process models and validates and tunes the models with you.
  • The Tignis service now sends insights from detected patterns (“incidents”) and recommends remediation.
  • Your subject matter experts (SMEs) and operators interact with the incidents in a way that makes them and the system smarter over time, what we call “Augmented Intelligence.” They assess incident severity, provide feedback to the system, and take actions based on the recommendations.

4.  Deployment and Expansion

  • When you incorporate our service into your connected services, we provide training for your internal subject matter experts and operator users at your customer facilities to help you scale.
  • Our technical support engineers are also available to support the integration of your customers’ data as you scale.