The Tignis service is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that enables subject matter experts to collaboratively and remotely optimize processes, capture critical system knowledge, and diagnose issues with connected assets. It can be deployed by you into your internal operations or incorporated by you into a broader solution that you then sell to your customers.

Our Augmented Intelligence system is based on trainable machine learning and deep learning artificial intelligence technology. The service recognizes patterns humans alone cannot and supplies subject matter experts with insights for process improvement. The Tignis service also quickly detects issues, assists triage and provides remediation recommendations.

Tignis is the only provider of Augmented Intelligence for the industrial market. Augmented Intelligence helps humans and machine learning collaborate in real time to improve the reliability and efficiency of industrial processes.

Tignis also provides a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) that does not require you to hire and maintain specialized machine learning software teams. We also offer the most flexible commercial and software deployment models.

Augmented Intelligence is the fusion of artificial intelligence with human expertise to perform work more efficiently and effectively. At Tignis, we believe in amplifying human expertise with artificial intelligence, not replacing it.

Tignis applies Augmented Intelligence to a variety of use cases and we use various types of machine learning and deep learning neural network artificial intelligence to assist human experts. The human experts interact with the machine data and each other collaboratively through one interface. But underneath the hood, we apply the right technology for a given scenario.

Once data is flowing into the Tignis service and assets are modeled, you can immediately start providing value to your internal or external customers.

You need to be collecting sensor data from relevant assets and aggregating that data in a central location (within each site or to the cloud). You also need to have subject matter experts who are capable of diagnosing and/or optimizing those assets.

Our sophisticated computing platform comprises a SaaS service in the cloud and edge compute nodes that are on-premise. Select data and processing can be limited to the on-premise nodes.

A subject matter expert is typically effective within a few hours of starting.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend one month of data to bootstrap the system.

The Tignis service requires a data connection from your network to the Tignis cloud. This may require your network team to create a new firewall policy rule. If you will be sending data directly from your customer sites to Tignis, then there will need to be a network connection from each site. All Tignis data connections are securely encrypted.


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