Tignis provides a unique analytics platform that is physics-driven, utilizing digital twin and machine learning technologies to eliminate many of the obstacles impeding results with connected systems. You can automate the monitoring and analysis of your mechanical systems once and for all, with Tignis.

We begin with two items you likely already have: Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID) and Historical Sensor Data (typically a copy of your historical file). If you are using spreadsheets (such as Excel) to analyze or review sensor data from your mechanical/industrial system, we can help you get to digital.

Tignis creates a digital replica of the piping and instrumentation systems (P&ID), in just hours, and then handles ongoing changes with ease by using our patent-pending adaptive modeling capabilities that automatically handle changing conditions; our proprietary components library and drag and drop capabilities; and our visualization capabilities, optimized for mechanical systems.

It’s all about the outcomes. Tignis’ physics-driven approach analyzes physical properties, such as changes in temperature or water volumes and its significance within the operational systems, to detect anomalies. This allows Tignis to deliver immediate and highly accurate results. It not only makes us unique, it is what enables you to skip over today’s costly and  time consuming processes to realize results.

A subject matter expert is typically effective within a few hours of starting.

As a rule of thumb, we recommend at least two months of data to bootstrap the system. Having two years or more of sensor data has the added advantage that we can more easily factor out seasonal variations which often have non-trivial impacts on process or system performance.

The Tignis service requires a data connection from your network to the Tignis cloud. This may require your network team to create a new firewall policy rule. If you will be sending data directly from your customer sites to Tignis, then there will need to be a network connection from each site. All Tignis data connections are securely encrypted.


For the best cost, performance, and ease of use, we recommend that customers leverage the Tignis operating Software as a Service (SaaS). However, we do offer a managed on-premise service for large enterprise customers that have an enterprise-quality on-premise Kubernetes cluster.

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