Fault Detection and Diagnostics powered by Tignis Digital Twin

Increase the reliability of your connected systems with physics-driven analytics

Move past the data issues, equipment downtime and false alerts that come between you and the effective management of your mechanical systems. At Tignis, we provide unique physics-driven systems analytics, utilizing digital twin and machine learning technologies.

With Tignis, you can increase mechanical system reliability, focus on root cause analysis of real problems, and achieve the most productive outcomes.

Eliminating obstacles to effective condition monitoring

Automated condition monitoring. Get fast and accurate anomaly detection, with algorithms specifically designed for connected systems. Reduce the number of false positives and let your sensor data truly work for you.

Immediate and highly accurate results. Identify the true root cause of issues faster and more accurately so you can predict operational impacts, instead of waiting for the inevitable break/fix cycle.

Unique physics-driven analytics approach

Physics-driven analytics platform. Tignis’ unique analytics platform is physics-driven, utilizing digital twin and machine learning technologies to eliminate many of the issues impeding results with connected systems. Our physics-driven approach analyzes physical properties, such as changes in temperature or water volumes and its significance within the operational systems, to detect anomalies.

This allows Tignis to deliver immediate and highly accurate results. It not only makes us unique, it is what enables you to achieve better outcomes and leapfrog many of the obstacles limiting results today.