Asset Reliability to System Reliability

Move Beyond Asset Reliability to System Reliability

Traditionally, when we think about improving reliability, we focus on individual assets and how to reduce their downtime. Less common, yet equally beneficial, is applying reliability efforts to the system as a whole, such as a manufacturing production line, a continuous chemical production process, or a wastewater treatment system. Best practices including preventive and predictive […]

Connected Industrial Systems Reliability

So Many Risks and Faults at Stake

Some take the reliability of critical equipment and systems for granted, but those tasked with keeping them operational are keenly aware of the threats. Because there are so many potential risks and faults to manage, advanced condition monitoring and analytics are needed to hold them at bay. The Tignis solution can detect a minimum of […]

IIoT Risk and Fault Detection Strategies

Risk and Fault Detection Strategies

Operators of critical machines and systems have no time for downtime. Connected mechanical systems equipped with industrial internet of things (IIoT) sensors will constantly stream data about their condition in the hopes that someone will detect clues about their future state. Processing the massive volume of data and converting it into timely measures to extinguish […]

UW Industry Capstone Program

Tignis Sponsors University of Washington Industry Capstone Program

The University of Washington College of Engineering is renowned for its innovation. Their Industry Capstone Program brings together UW students and chosen companies to tackle multidisciplinary engineering problems. The program allows students to work side-by-side with industry technical partners and faculty on real-world projects, and provides valuable experience, skills and connections. Tignis recently sponsored a […]