UW Industry Capstone Program

Tignis Sponsors University of Washington Industry Capstone Program

The University of Washington College of Engineering is renowned for its innovation. Their Industry Capstone Program brings together UW students and chosen companies to tackle multidisciplinary engineering problems. The program allows students to work side-by-side with industry technical partners and faculty on real-world projects, and provides valuable experience, skills and connections. Tignis recently sponsored a […]

Chiller maintenance

The Journey of a Data Scientist: Chiller Surge Counts

Chillers vibrate routinely, surge occasionally, and excesses in both can be problematic. Distinguishing between benign and detrimental behavior is essential to ensuring successful chiller maintenance and protection. Refrigerant that reverses course and flows from the condenser to the compressor causes chillers to vibrate more than normal, creating a groaning or squealing sound. Excessive surge events, […]