Intro to AI-PC

Intro to AI-PC: The Next Level of Process Control

Manufacturing process control is all about getting as close as possible to set points to optimize quality, throughput, and yield. But traditional process control models such as PID loops, advanced process control (APC), and multivariable process control (MPC) are limited in their ability to achieve these goals. A new model that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), […]

Why Tignis Is Proudly SOC 2 Type II Certified

Being a trusted provider of advanced data intelligence solutions comes with great responsibility. Tignis considers the privacy and security of our customers’ sensitive data to be a business imperative. That is why we recently pursued a company-wide initiative to achieve independent third-party certification of our security controls and their effectiveness. We chose the System and […]

AI for Industrial and Manufacturing Use Cases

AI for Industrial and Manufacturing Use Cases: Remember That Machine Learning Is Never Done

Predictive analytics use cases are validating its value proposition and driving increased investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Real-world examples in manufacturing and other asset-intensive industries demonstrate the technology’s ability to study data patterns in systems, sensors, and processes; automatically detect anomalies; and proactively predict failures and inefficiencies in time to make […]


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