Duke Technology Scholars Program

Duke Technology Scholars Program – Tignis Q&A with Intern Micaelle (Mimi) Larrieux

The Duke Technology Scholars Program (DTech) is a comprehensive effort to empower the next generation of diverse leaders who will bring increased innovation to the tech industry. The program centers around the idea that community, mentorship and hands-on experience make the difference in recruiting and retaining under-represented people in technology fields. According to Amy Arnold, Executive Director of DTech, this year’s program includes […]

Mechanical systems asset condition monitoring

Mechanical Systems Condition Monitoring: The Intersection of Machine Learning and Real-World Experience

The long-standing best practice of monitoring asset conditions for early signs of failure has saved industrial organizations untold millions of dollars. Its longevity is a testament to its success in helping to avoid unplanned downtime and improve safety, productivity, and operational performance. What is remarkable is how the once-manual exercise has evolved into an automated, […]

Industrial plants working smarter

Working Smarter: What It Means for Industrial Plants

“Do more with less” – the age-old mantra of the industrial world – is even more urgent now with the pandemic straining plants to unprecedented limits. Financial resources are tight, supply chains are disrupted, uptime expectations remain high, and the challenge of recruiting and retaining skilled maintenance talent continues to grow. Though it is harder […]

Digital twins and machine learning

Augmented Intelligence Webinar

Physics-driven Tignis software is helping companies around the world improve the reliability and efficiency of their connected mechanical systems. Our use of digital twins, modeling, machine learning (ML), and a physics engine provides earlier warning of degradation, higher quality alerts, fewer false positives, and faster issue identification and resolution. But in an era of Big […]


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