Monitoring data from sensors

Use Your Data to Get Results—Not Just to Have It Around

The rise of 24/7 asset monitoring and the internet of things (IoT) have produced many benefits, but they’ve also introduced complexity. Much of this is due to the proliferation of monitoring data derived from the sensors you use to instrument your equipment. Potential advantages only become actual benefits if you can build a usable methodology […]

Remote plant monitoring

COVID-19 and the Necessity of Remote Plant Management

Companies around the world have called for their workforce to work remotely during these uncertain times. This new, pandemic-affected reality adds urgency to the need for remote machine monitoring and diagnostics. On top of ongoing industrial challenges such as ever-tightening budgets and an aging workforce, manufacturers and operators are now dealing with social distancing and […]

Digital twin

What’s a Digital Twin, and Why Do You Need One?

Somewhere, you have physical schematic drawings that show all of the parts of your mechanical systems and overall asset environment. If you’re organized, you know right where these drawings are—good for you. If you’re lucky, they’re reasonably up-to-date. They might even be in an electronic format, like PDF. But, on their own, they’re insufficient as […]


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