Tignis Announces Commercial Release of PAICe Product Suite
Tignis News
Tignis Announces Commercial Release of PAICe Product Suite
Technology Innovator Tignis Launches New AI and Machine Learning Tool Suite for Manufacturing and Process Control that Puts the Power of Machine Learning in the Hands of Non-Data Scientists
Tignis Announce $1M Investment by BMNT
Tignis News
Tignis Announce $1M Investment by BMNT
Tignis Announces Investment of $1 Million from BMNT, Completes Enterprise Accelerator Program with H4XLabs to Accelerate Growth of Company’s First Commercial Product
The State of Semiconductors
Thought Leadership
The State of Semiconductors
Operators of critical machines and systems have no time for downtime. Connected mechanical systems equipped with industrial internet of things (IIoT) sensors will constantly stream data about their condition in the hopes that someone will detect clues about their future state.
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PAICe Builder Use Case: Predictive Rod Pump Analytics Improve Efficiency, Oil Production, and Revenue

Alex Hoisington Sep 21, 2021

Employee Spotlight: DTech Summer Interns 2021

tignis-admin Aug 17, 2021

Tignis Announces Commercial Release of PAICe Product Suite

tignis-admin Aug 05, 2021

Tignis Announce $1M Investment by BMNT

tignis-admin Aug 05, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Eric Holzer

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It Takes a Triad of Skill Sets to Solve Real Industrial Problems with Analytics

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The State of Semiconductors

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Intro to AI-PC: The Next Level of Process Control

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Why Tignis Engineers Love Our Applications and Why You Should Try Them

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Why Tignis Is Proudly SOC 2 Type II Certified

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The Journey of a Data Scientist: Chemical Engineering Meets Data Science

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AI for Industrial and Manufacturing Use Cases: Remember That Machine Learning Is Never Done

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Tignis TV: Harel Kodesh Interview

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Move Beyond Asset Reliability to System Reliability

tignis-admin Oct 06, 2020

News Roundup: Physics, Machines and Data- September 2020

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So Many Risks and Faults at Stake

tignis-admin Sep 16, 2020

Risk and Fault Detection Strategies

tignis-admin Sep 08, 2020

News Roundup: Physics, Machines and Data – August 2020

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Tignis TV: Jason McColly Interview

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News Roundup: Physics, Machines and Data – July 2020

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Duke Technology Scholars Program – Tignis Q&A with Intern Micaelle (Mimi) Larrieux

tignis-admin Aug 04, 2020

Tignis Sponsors University of Washington Industry Capstone Program

tignis-admin Jul 21, 2020

The Journey of a Data Scientist: Chiller Surge Counts

tignis-admin Jul 14, 2020

News Roundup: Physics, Machines and Data – June 2020

tignis-admin Jun 30, 2020

Reliability: Prepare Your Plant for a Machine Learning Future–Start Saving Your Failure Data!

tignis-admin Jun 23, 2020

Tignis TV: Ahmik Hindman Interview

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Mechanical Systems Condition Monitoring: The Intersection of Machine Learning and Real-World Experience

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Tignis TV: Steve Allbee Interview

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News Roundup: Physics, Machines and Data – May 2020

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Optimizing Reliability: Step 3 – Focus on Root Cause Analysis by Eliminating False Positives

tignis-admin May 26, 2020

Optimizing Reliability: Step 2 – Calculate Sensor Failure Points

tignis-admin May 19, 2020

Optimizing Reliability: Step 1 – Sensors: Do More With Less

tignis-admin May 12, 2020

News Roundup: Physics, Machines and Data – April 2020

tignis-admin May 05, 2020

Working Smarter: What It Means for Industrial Plants

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3 Steps to Optimizing System Reliability

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Use Your Data to Get Results—Not Just to Have It Around

tignis-admin Apr 07, 2020

COVID-19 and the Necessity of Remote Plant Management

tignis-admin Mar 31, 2020

Human Outcomes: Monitoring Solutions that Help People, Not Just Systems

tignis-admin Mar 25, 2020

The 3 Essentials of Impactful Systems Analysis

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What’s a Digital Twin, and Why Do You Need One?

tignis-admin Mar 12, 2020

Optimize Your Mechanical Systems for Transformational Outcomes

tignis-admin Mar 10, 2020