Chiller maintenance

The Journey of a Data Scientist: Chiller Surge Counts

Chillers vibrate routinely, surge occasionally, and excesses in both can be problematic. Distinguishing between benign and detrimental behavior is essential to ensuring successful chiller maintenance and protection. Refrigerant that reverses course and flows from the condenser to the compressor causes chillers to vibrate more than normal, creating a groaning or squealing sound. Excessive surge events, […]

Tignis June 2020 Roundup

News Roundup: Physics, Machines and Data – June 2020

Our team is always keeping an eye on news surrounding digital twins, machine learning, data analytics and more. Here are a few articles that we found especially interesting during the month of June. AI Is The Uncertainty Cure Enterprises Want In 2020 – Forbes “85% of enterprises are evaluating or using artificial intelligence in production […]

Tignis TV: Steve Allbee Interview

Tignis TV: Steve Allbee Interview

Welcome to Tignis TV.  Our host Jon Herlocker—industry-leading technologist, former DARPA researcher, and Founder of Tignis—brings you conversations with people working at the intersection of physics, machines and data. Tignis TV explores topics from the leading edge of technology to the plant floor, and everywhere in-between. Today’s episode features Steve Allbee, retired U.S. Environmental Protection […]