Tignis Joins MITRE Engenuity’s Semiconductor Alliance to Accelerate Next-Generation Technological Advancements Across the U.S. Semiconductor Industry

February 2, 2023  Author: Tignis   Category: Tignis News
Tignis Joins MITRE Engenuity’s Semiconductor Alliance

Tech Foundation MITRE Engenuity Convenes Experts, Organizations, and Investors to Address American Semiconductor Innovation, Driving Generational Impact for Public Good

SEATTLE, Wash., February 2, 2023 – Tignis, a technology innovator in AI process control for semiconductor manufacturing, today announced it has joined MITRE Engenuity’s Semiconductor Alliance. In alignment with the coalition’s focus on collaboratively defining breakthrough semiconductor industry advancements critical to a healthy economy and national security, Tignis brings advanced expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, physics and data science.

“We are proud to be part of MITRE Engenuity’s Semiconductor Alliance, working together to define and accelerate our nation’s position of leadership across the semiconductor industry,” said Jon Herlocker, president and CEO of Tignis. “MITRE Engenuity brings together a distinguished coalition of innovators throughout every aspect of the supply chain, collaboratively identifying the best pathways and investments for semiconductor technology innovations and manufacturing leadership. We will all benefit from the resulting shared vision and U.S. preeminence throughout this critical industry.”

“We’re thrilled to have Tignis join our collaboration of industry-leading companies from across the United States that collectively account for over 50% of the industry’s R&D share,” said Raj Jammy, chief technologist, MITRE Engenuity, and executive director of the Semiconductor Alliance. “We’re working together to grow the semiconductor industry on U.S. soil and regain domestic leadership in the industries of today and the future.” 

In alignment with the esteemed MITRE Engenuity Semiconductor Alliance members, Tignis brings unique expertise for driving next-generation semiconductor manufacturing advancements. Through its PAICe product suite, Tignis provides the precise insights of physics with the most advanced AI and ML data science to give semiconductor equipment manufacturers, wafer fabs, and components and materials suppliers unprecedented automation and process control. The company’s unique physics-driven AI models enable engineers and data scientists to understand how their equipment will operate in modes never previously observed. Tignis delivers the ability to know what equipment will do, select the best states of operation, and continually optimize processes.

About MITRE Engenuity

MITRE Engenuity (mitre-engenuity.org), a subsidiary of MITRE, is a tech foundation for public good. MITRE’s mission-driven teams are dedicated to solving problems for a safer world. Through the organization’s public-private partnerships and federally funded R&D centers, MITRE Engenuity works across government and in partnership with industry to tackle challenges to the safety, stability, and well-being of our nation. MITRE Engenuity brings MITRE’s deep technical know-how and systems thinking to the private sector to solve complex challenges that government alone cannot solve. MITRE Engenuity catalyzes the collective R&D strength of the broader U.S. federal government, academia, and private sector to tackle national and global challenges. 

About Tignis

Tignis (tignis.com) specializes in AI-powered process control with a physics and engineering foundation. Headquartered in Seattle, the company develops and sells innovative software solutions that use AI and machine learning to enable next-generation manufacturing processes. Tignis gives semiconductor equipment manufacturers, wafer fabs, and components and materials suppliers unprecedented automation and process control—increasing manufacturing yield, decreasing process downtime, and reducing costs. Working with the world’s top semiconductor equipment manufacturers and fabricators, Tignis also has a proven track record of empowering other large-scale mission-critical industries. Tignis solutions are deployed in hundreds of facilities worldwide.