News Roundup: Physics, Machines and Data – August 2020

Author: Jon Herlocker


Our team is always keeping an eye on news surrounding digital twins, machine learning, data analytics and more. Here are a few articles that we found especially interesting during the month of August.

Industry 4.0: Reimagining manufacturing operations after COVID-19 – McKinsey & Company

COVID-19 has thrown the business world into crisis mode and the manufacturing sector is no different. McKinsey explores how manufacturers have responded to the unprecedented volatility, observing that “players utilizing digital solutions are better-positioned to weather the storm, having moved faster and further than their peers during the crisis.”

This in-depth article includes recent survey results, a look at adoption rates for digital twins and automation technologies, valuable historical data from previously conducted McKinsey surveys, and critical ingredients for a successful digital transformation.

Digital Twins Gain Traction in Manufacturing – Design News

Digital Twins have gained traction in all areas of manufacturing across a variety of sectors. This article and accompanying slideshow by Design News provide insightful examples of how the industrial world has taken advantage of digital twin technology to help with system design, IoT and more. Improving efficiency, plant productivity, and predictive maintenance are just a few of the many benefits explored.

Smart pumps are key for more sustainable cities – Smart Cities Dive

As smart cities gain momentum, action needs to be taken to ensure the systems within are as optimized as possible. According to Smart Cities Dive, “a surprising amount of energy (and cost) can be saved by reconsidering the designs of pump systems.”

Peter Gaydon of the Hydraulic Institute points out that, “the pumps responsible for heating and cooling buildings, treating and distributing water, and generating power are often overlooked in conversations around smart or sustainable cities.” This article covers the concept of smart pumps as well as key considerations to maximize their energy efficiency.