Human Outcomes: Monitoring Solutions that Help People, Not Just Systems

Author: Jon Herlocker


Many vendors talk a big game when it comes to revolutionizing the various industries they support through the use of their software and other innovations. What’s often missing from this message is the positive effect that kind of transformation also has on individual lives and careers.

At Tignis, we’re proud of our technology and what it can do for businesses, but we haven’t lost sight of what it can mean for the individual people as well—stakeholders like you who have often, in one way or another, bet your job on making the business successful.

The right approach to modernizing can benefit you in a few key areas:

  • Build your skills, experience, and reputation

Finding new ways to keep critical assets up and running is good for your company’s bottom line, which means it’s also good for your job. By taking part in the transformation of your environment to more modern methods of asset management, you stand to gain valuable experience in the growing areas of machine learning and advanced analytics as they pertain to your role. Whatever measures your company uses to assess your job performance, you can be well-served by a platform that empowers you to achieve more.

  • Reduce stress and free up your time

Having analytics you can trust translates to fewer last-minute scrambles and middle-of-the-night emergencies. Shifting your environment from reactive to proactive maintenance can improve your job satisfaction and free up your work schedule to focus on new projects and develop new skills.

  • Streamline your monitoring operations

By producing alerts and recommendations that are more accurate and action-ready, a modern monitoring platform helps make your workload more manageable by saving you time and effort. You can maintain systems more proactively while reducing the time you spend chasing down the root cause of issues and responding to false positive alarms.

With these focus areas in mind, we always remind ourselves that in addition to providing benefits to businesses, our own business model must also sustain real benefits for the people we work with directly.